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Rocks with gushing water

Image credit: Mark Berthelemy

Along the hilly route between Lorient and Le Faouët there are many places worth a stop for an hour or so.

Les Roches du Diable (the Devil’s Rocks) is one of them. About 15 minutes off the main road, along lanes that seem to get gradually narrower, you’ll find a small car park.

From here, follow the signs down the steep hillside towards the river. You’ll probably hear it before you see it.

The path takes you past a large set of very rocky rapids (known as a “chaos” in French). These are particular impressive, and dangerous, after heavy rain. Sometimes you see brave kayakers attempting the descent.

A little way past the rocks is a quieter spot, ideal for picnics by the river.

Keep following the path around and up, and you’ll finish back at the car park.

I’d recommend combining this with a walk along the River Scorff, or a wander in the nearby Forêt de Pontcallec.

Les Roches du Diable, 29300 Guilligomarc'h

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Last updated: January 02, 2023

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